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Leave a Legacy - Linda's Story

Linda shares her story about how she honoured and put provisions in place to protect her family after facing devastating loss.

Linda, her husband Simon and son George were a tight family unit, alongside their rescue dogs Bruno and Petra, the family loved spending time with one another from walks to movie nights.

Unfortunately, Linda and Simon's son George was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in his early 30s and passed away. Soon after, Linda came face to face with another inconceivable challenge as her husband was diagnosed with a terminal cancer - losing his life shortly after the loss of their son.

In her grief, Linda was empowered by the idea of honouring their lives and ensuring that their lives would be remembered when she was no longer here. So, Linda decided to take matters into her own hands to ensure that the charities that were close to her heart would benefit from her estate rather than the state.

Linda made an appointment with one of our Estate Planning Consultants, she wanted to know how she could protect herself and her assets if she was to pass away. Our consultant Mark advised her that the best possible protection for her assets would be to invest in a Family Protection Trust.

This would allow Linda the freedom to gift her estate to her granddaughter Sophie and the comfort that her Will would not be contested in court. So, Linda decided to put her assets into a Trust and used her Will to instruct the Trust.

Linda left her home to Sophie but divided the residue between the charities closest to her heart; Cancer Research UK to honour her husband, Prostate Scotland to honour her son and Dogs Trust to make sure dogs like Bruno and Petra could continue getting the care, love and support they needed.

Now, a retired nurse in her 60s, Linda’s days are filled with entertaining her beloved granddaughter Sophie or her group of friends who have supported her through life’s toughest moments.

If you are experiencing a similar situation, or would like to honour your loved ones this Christmas, get in touch with us today by calling 0330 390 9200 and book and appointment with one of our highly trained Estate Planning Consultants.


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