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The Legacy Coo


Make your final wishes clear. 

100% Legally Binding & Validated by Legal Experts. 

6000+ Wills Written over 7 Years. 

Enjoy peace of mind. 

Your Reward

Thomas Bradley & Co are excited to be offering a  Free Will Writing Service to Over 50s in the UK who have visited our Legacy Coo! If you are lucky enough not to have reached that age milestone, find your reward below! 

All we ask is that you consider leaving a Gift in your Will to Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS). How much should you leave? Well, that's totally up to moo....

1 in 6 of the families CHAS supports are funded by Gifts in Wills. With your help they can continue supporting hundreds of families every year through their hospices and at home services. 


Sign up for your Free Will today! 

Under 50? Here's your Reward!

If you visited our Legacy Coo, you can claim your Free Consultation with Sterling Scotia, our Financial Adviser Firm. 

Sterling Scotia are an award winning, highly experienced, Independent Financial Adviser firm specialising in Retirement Planning, Savings and Investments, Mortgages, Pensions and Tax Planning.

Whether you're moving home or would like to begin planning for retirement - we're here to help! 

Get Your Free Will or Financial Review!

Thanks for submitting!

How It Works





After you sign up, you will speak to one of our associates who will assist you in booking a complimentary home consultation with one of our of highly trained Estate Planning Consultants. 

Let us know that you visited our Legacy Coo at Pitlochry Station! This allows us to verify your entitlement to your Free Will or Free Financial Consultation. 

Meet with a consultant at a time and place convenient to you and discuss your wishes for the future. Your consultant will then refer your information to our Will Writing Team or Financial Team who will draft your documents! 

Do you have a Will in place?

Passing away without having made a Will could leave behind significant financial problems for the people you care about. Worryingly, research suggests that more than half of adults don't have a Will.


Fortunately, Thomas Bradley & Co have partnered with CHAS to provide a free Will-writing service, just consider a Gift in your Will for CHAS. 

Making a Will is one of those things that many people put off. However, a Will can be an important way to protect your family and loved ones. It can save on inheritance tax and head off family disputes about how your possessions should be divided.

A Will is a legally binding document which tells everyone what should happen to your money, possessions and property – collectively called your 'estate' – after you die.

Do you have financial goals?

Sterling Scotia are proud to be a part of The Hairy Highland Coo Trail and provide Free Financial Reviews! 


Financial Planning provides individuals, their families, and businesses the opportunity to organise and optimise their financial affairs to achieve their financial and lifestyle objectives.


Everyone in the UK should have access to impartial financial advice in order to assist them on their financial journey. 55% of UK adults have  met with a financial adviser to discuss their goals - helping them plan their future. 


A Financial Review will help you understand your current situation and allows us to provide you with recommendations on how you can optimise your finances to meet your goals. 


Following the consultation, and recommendations we make - you will be provided with a quote which allows you to decide whether you wish to carry out further paid services. 


How your donation helps CHAS! 

We’re so grateful to Thomas Bradley for making this service available for CHAS Supporters, and for the Hairy Highland Coo Trail-ers! Your Will is your choice, and if you choose to remember CHAS alongside your loved ones, you will give children and families across Scotland the gift of precious time. £1 in every £4 donated is from a Gift in Will, so we simply couldn’t do what we do without these amazing supporters. Together, these gifts ensure we will be caring for children and their families across Scotland, long into the future. Thank you to Thomas Bradley for helping everyone consider their own legacies

Rachel Gedge, Legacy & In Memory Giving Relationship Manager (CHAS)

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